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Welcome to the next generation radian

Welcome to the next generation radian

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radian® Q series has landed

As pioneers of the original All-in-One convertible car seat, the diono radian® R series can already be found in over a million cars across America.

For our 20th anniversary, the team have not only added some great upgrades to the family favorite but are set to welcome the next generation in a long-standing legacy.



  • Safe+™ engineering
  • Complete newborn rear-facing protection
  • Safe+™ steel anti-rebound bar
  • Safe+™ side impact protection
  • 23 upgrades in safety, comfort, testing & functionality
  • 90% components upgraded

The radian® Q launches the diono Safe+™ engineering promise. All Radian Q series seats are subjected to a combination of the most rigorous crash tests; front, rear, and side impacts, and rollover tests to make sure we have the safest seats possible.

Diono has always promoted rear-facing travel and the radian® Q series takes rear-facing protection to new levels. The Q series provides complete rear-facing protection for ultimate safety up to 50 lb, (approx. 4 years old) so parents can keep their child rear-facing for as long as possible.

The all new Safe+™ steel anti-rebound bar enhances rear-facing protection, preventing the seat from rebounding or “bouncing back” in the event of a collision, reducing rebound rotation by a huge 50%. As they transition to forward-facing, the Safe+™ protection grows too, with easy-adjust 12 position headrest that is contoured to improve child head containment and provides a 22% increase in occupancy range from the radian R series.

We are delighted to launch the radian® Q series on such a landmark year for our business. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the past 20 years in car seat design and engineering, to provide parents with the ultimate 3 across All-in-One car seat.
The radian® Q series marks the first featuring all-new Diono Safe+™ engineering promise that furthers our commitment to child safety. As we move forward our mission continues to always go above and beyond to deliver products that serve and protect.

Tim Maule
CEO, Diono